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The BBC are fed gloopy nonsense by our government, and this most often comes out the other end as sweet-smelling guff.

The recent Democratic leadership election sideshow helped to mould press coverage over the existing political landscape, and so further entrenched the power of the powerful.

We need only think back to Mohammed Ali’s vociferous support for black rights to know just how much a sportsman can acheive.

The Western press has always dealt with the poorer World with contempt, confusion and ignorance.
It is easier to write condescendingly from a position of perceived superiority than look at another culture or set of values objectively.

Tabloids think that if it sells, then they have moral justification for printing anything because this is “what we want”. Problem is, “what we want” is not always based on a well informed choice

Julie Burchill’s journalism is terrible, but sometimes wonderful to read

The language and morality that any journalist chooses affects the choices he makes and the stories he tells. Just ask Orwell.

Dumbing down just dumbed down again, but looks prettier than ever

Why John Pilger’s documentaries are still the best